The Full Story

My name is Tim Peterson and I've lived in Northfield for 15 years. And so you probably wonder "what's up with the name Crow Hollow? There is nothing around the Northfield area by that name."  Well, I grew up in the hills and valleys of southwestern Wisconsin, and the valley we lived in was referred to as "Crow Hollow." So the name is my way to pay homage to my youth.

For the past 30+ years, I worked as a technical writer and user interface designer in the software industry. I've always had a passion for my hobby as a woodworker/carpenter/handyman and recently decided to make that my full time "real" job.

I learned over the years when writing user documentation and designing software that the user (or customer) was the focal point. The goal was to deliver a product that solved their needs and made their life easier. That is my goal with the products and services I provide to you -- to create a product or provide a service that satisfies your needs and makes you happy!